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Would You Give Up Rights to Ban Muhammad Art?

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DALLAS, Texas - The First Amendment protects your freedom of speech and your right to peaceably assemble -- two rights exercised Sunday in Garland at the Curtis Culwell Center.

Folks assembled there to view cartoon depictions of Muhammad at an art exhibit; something that might be viewed as a bad idea.  Just think about what happened in France when 12 people were killed working for a magazine that was printing just that.

Well.  As we all know, two gunmen, both tied to terrorism, showed up.  Luckily, a hero security guard put a stop to them before they could do any major harm.

So, if the same contest hosted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative wanted to drop an exhibit in your neighborhood, would you want it taking place so close to home?

"Well, if I knew it was going to bring danger, then no, you wouldn`t necessarily want that; but at the same time, I wouldn`t force them not to have it because it`s their right," Dallas resident Amelia Wood said.

"Everybody should have the opportunity," Erin Mueller of Fort Worth said.

"We live in the United States and that`s what our country is founded on, so yes, I think regardless of the danger."

Local artist John Watkins said, "I firmly believe we should maintain our rights."

"They should not be threatened, but I think art should provoke thought and not violence. The rights should stay in place, but we should be cautious on how we use them/abuse them. Art is a product of people, but the people come first."

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