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Human Password: PayPal Could Make Your Body a Password

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SAN JOSE, Calif. --Having a hard time remembering that 10-digit password?

Yeah, happens to the best of us. But the folks at PayPal are working on eliminating our passcode woes.

The plan? Develop a small pill with a microchip for you to swallow and voila, rather than typing in that password, the computer would pick up your password straight from your belly.

You might be asking, 'Is it like microchipping your dog?' Well, not so much; unlike microchipping under the skin, you'll have to take this pill every couple of days.

Hey, if you're having trouble remembering your password, you might not have much luck at remembering to take this pill, right?

Assuming this isn't a hard pill to swallow, PayPal execs say this new technology will prevent passwords from being hacked.

Okay, we get it, take the little pill, don't worry about forgetting your password and shop away! But the bigger question at hand is, what happens when you 'pass' your password?

Even though PayPal says that they're still exploring different methods of password recognition, they do think this ingestible idea is worth talking about.

Hey, that puts a whole new meaning to paying with your body!

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