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First Self-Driving Semi Hits the Road

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NEVADA - It seems like everything we've seen in The Jetsons is finally coming to life. We have watches that make phone calls, self-driving cars and now self-driving semis.

Daimler Trucks North America has released the first self-driving 18-wheeler. So far, it's only licensed in Nevada. The truck, named “Inspiration,” lets the driver give up control on interstates.

But a real-life person always has to be in the driver’s seat and will have to take control on exit ramps and local roads. Maybe we'll see fully automated semis somewhere down the road.

"Inspiration" could prevent fatal accidents linked to tired drivers behind the wheel. But the new technology can eventually cost some people their jobs.

Also, will this kill the famous road trip game of getting a trucker to sound the horn?

Anyway, it looks like the truck of the future is already in the fast lane.

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