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Deanna Cook’s Trial Finally Begins

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DALLAS - A 911 call recorded the last moments of Deanna Cook's life three years ago. And now, the crime that shook Dallas into overhauling how domestic violence calls are handled, is finally going to trial.

"We're very happy about that, but at the same time, we're not trying to give too much time of our energy to her murderer," change," Karletha Gundy, Cook's sister and Co-Founder of Deanna's Voice, said..

The man accused is Deanna's ex-husband, Delvecchio Patrick. But all their energy has been going into Deanna's Voice, a non-profit that gives victims of domestic violence a voice.

Wednesday night, on the eve of the trial, Deanna's family held an event at St. Paul's United Methodist Church where they shared their three-year journey towards justice.

No one who heard Deanna's pleas for help will likely forget her death or forget the fact that she made call after call to 911 asking for help.

"Dallas is making changes. There is a lot of victims that are still being affected," Gundy said.

Dallas 911 has come into question again.  Last month, Roxanna Mayo filed a lawsuit against the city of Dallas claiming her 911 calls were also ignored.  A gunshot left her paralyzed and her boyfriend arrested.

Deanna's family says they won't quit until Deanna's Voice is heard loud and clear.

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