Ruff Life: Crazy in Love with Bey

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DALLAS - As a stray in the shelter, Beatrix had “Doggie Death Row” written all over her face.

“Her eyes were in horrible shape, completely crusted over,” says Leslie Sans, executive director of Dallas Pets Alive! “You could tell she was having some pain and issues with her ears and we found out she did have ear mites.”

But despite her circumstances, Beatrix had a certain “something” that reminded folks of another bull terrier.

“She looks just like Spuds Mackenzie,” says Sans.

But this dog was no dud. Beatrix got her eyes cleared up and soon this “Queen Bey” became the Horstman family’s number one Bae.

“We thought about fostering her at first,” says Beatrix’s new owner Cindy Horstman. “Once we saw her we just fell in love with her and said, 'no this is it.'”

But Bey’s not going to be belting with Beyonce anytime soon. It turns out she’s deaf.

“We’ve been trying different hand signals for commands which has proven to be challenging, but she is doing really well,” says Natalie Horstman. “She’s treat motivated, so she'll do anything for a treat.”

“She follows me around like my shadow, so if I need her to go somewhere I just walk and she goes with me,” says Cindy Horstman.

This is what we call a real life “Crazy in Love” story.