Periscope Fight: Live Streaming App Lets Users See #maypac Fight for Free

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA-Well, it finally happened, the match the world eagerly awaited, Mayweather v. Pacquiao.

The MGM in Vegas was brMAYPACimming with excitement Saturday night as celebrities and fans gathered ringside for the main event.

Well, all we non-celebrities who forked over 100-bucks to watch the “fight of the century” just lined Pay-Per-View’s pockets with a reported, cool $400,000,000-plus.

But did you know that some watched all 12-rounds without ever spending a dime?!

Talk about a punch to the gut.

How? The new Twitter app, Periscope.

Yeah get this, some fans live-streamed the match straight from the screens where they were watching the fight.

Keep in mind, folks, one periscope user can reach an audience of thousands, even millions.

Hey, even Twitter’s CEO, who owns Periscope tweeted after the fight: “and the winner is… Periscope.”

Cheating out Pay-Per-View isn’t a new concept and live streaming main events is still illegal, but apps like Periscope sure make it easier to dodge the system.

Hey, what’s next, Periscoping at the movies, at the Super Bowl, or at the Grammys?

Okay, okay – let’s not get any ideas. Maybe the real fight is keeping an eye on the match between Periscope and any event we pay to see.

We can only hope they make like Mayweather and hug it out.