Worshipper Attacked at Mosque in Richardson

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RICHARDSON, TX - Cops are keeping a close watch at the Dallas Central Mosque in Richardson after a worshiper leaving evening prayer Monday was jumped by two men. Richardson PD says the victim was pushed to the ground by two black males.

“It was violent. I mean, he was struck in the head multiple times with fists. He was knocked to the ground. It was quick, but it was violent,” Kahlid Hamidea described. He’s a spokesperson for the Islamic Association of North Texas.

The attackers fled when fellow members came outside to help.

This act of violence is raising red flags since it played out just one day after two gunmen opened fire outside the Culwell Center in Garland only seven miles away. That attack was apparently triggered by a controversial cartoon contest. People were asked to draw the Prophet Mohammed.

“We as Muslims feel the effects of such negativity and evil and hate that come as natural consequences of the constitutional protected free speech," Hamidea added.

So, could this attack be a hate crime?

Since the suspects reportedly didn't say anything to the victim, cops don't know if there is a connection to Sunday night's fatal showdown.

But folks at this mosque worry that this was no coincidence.

“It's going to be scary for me to come here and practice my religion if this is happening,” one early morning worshiper said.