The Search Continues: Family, Friends Keep Hope Alive for Christina Morris

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ALLEN, TX -- As dusk settled across North Texas, hues of purple filled the sky.

"It’s always been her favorite color; it’s a very passionate color,” Jonni McElroy explained.

For Jonni McElroy, the color purple is only associated with one person - her daughter, Christina Morris.

"We want the world to know, and Christina to know, that we are not giving up.”

It’s been exactly eight months to the date since the 23-year-old woman disappeared without a trace. Security video captured the last images of Christina walking through a parking garage at the Plano Shops at Legacy.

The man next to her in the video, is her old high school classmate, Enrique Arochi. He remains in jail, charged with her kidnapping. Cops say they found Christina’s DNA in the trunk of his car.

For eight agonizing months, Christina’s family and friends have lived without answers, without closure, without Christina.

"I’m not going to lie, this is very hard," McElory said. "It’s also very surreal that I can’t believe we’re still here, eight months later, and I’m sending my daughter a message in a balloon, and not telling her in person.”

So, on the anniversary of her disappearance, balloons, tethered with messages of hope were released, and emotions were shed.

"We’re hoping the messages come down, back to the ground," McElroy said. "Not only to Christina, but to that one person who might have that clue to bring her home back where she belongs.”

Meanwhile, Enrique maintains his innocence and has yet to say a word about Christina’s whereabouts.

Perhaps he’ll say more, once he’s in front of a judge and jury. Enrique’s trial is set for Novemeber 30th.


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