Ride 2 Recovery Texas Challenge is Therapy for Veterans

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FORT WORTH -- Over 200 veterans road their bikes nearly 470 miles from Houston to Fort Worth, taking part in the Ride 2 Recovery Texas Challenge, which provides therapy on wheels.

"I get clinical therapy from my psychologist, but this is the practical application day-to-day.  It's almost 500 miles of adaptive therapy," US Army Colonel Glenn Richie said.

"I had a traumatic brain injury and I wasn't able to talk, walk, and half paralyzed.  For me, I tracked my recovery through this ride.  The camaraderie.  The connection that everyone is there to support each other," Retired Arlington firefighter Robert Gray said.

Can you imagine trekking through Texas weather on a bike?   Luckily, it helped push this group to Fort Worth.

"We were really blessed with some favorable winds; real good tailwinds helped us get here," Richie said.

"Ride 2 Recovery is a ground-breaking veteran's organization that saves lives by restoring hope and purpose," Events Operator for Ride 2 Recovery Joe Coddington said.

"This is what inspires me.  This group, this company.  It's just amazing.  It was awesome; I absolutely loved it," Gray said.

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