High-Speed Chicken: Oklahoma Man Stops Motorcycle Chase

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CHICKASHA, OK – You’ve heard the phrase, "taking matters into your own hands," right? What about, "taking matters into your own stance?" That’s just what one man did to stop a high-speed motorcycle chase.

It all went down in Chickasha, Oklahoma where cops were after Michael Coppedge.

Well, the chase took a turn on Floyd Briggs’ street. And Briggs, who seemed to be concerned about everyone’s safety but his own, figured -- enough is enough!

Briggs jumped in the street to stop Coppedge, who was coming full speed ahead. And in an effort to avoid hitting Briggs, Coppedge slid off his bike.

How’s that for a game of chicken?

But it doesn’t stop there. Briggs ran after Coppedge when he tried to get away.

“(He) run around that fence right there and I just went after him,” Briggs said. “I was running out of steam pretty quick. I'm not very aerodynamic."

Well, he was quick enough to chase Coppedge into the arms of police.

Now that’s quite a different ending from a chase near Houston where a state trooper drop-kicked a driver off his bike, giving Bruce Lee a run for his money.

Either way, it seems the moral of these stories is, don’t go on a high-speed chase on your motorcycle. It’s likely you’ll end up as road kill. Or better yet – chicken.

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