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The Apple Watch Wait is Over!

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DALLAS - The Apple Watch wait is over. Well, sort of. Friday officially was launch day. But launch in Apple speak means you only get the watch if you pre-ordered it.

Folks who showed up at the Apple store in Dallas left empty-handed.

In fact, the only place in the whole country where you could walk out with the Apple Watch, was in Los Angeles. The rest of us have to make an appointment. And that's just to see the watch and order one.

"I looked at it. I like the black one 'cause it match with everything I wear," Phillip Williams said. "So I appreciate the style and design of it."

So, what's the big deal about the Apple Watch, anyway? Dick Tracy had a cool watch five decades ago!

Well, it has lots of apps, you can answer calls and send texts and even see what time it is -- all for $350 minimum.

You could play a lot more like $17,000 for the Apple Watch with an 18-carat yellow gold case.

But for now, you might have to settle for the Dick Tracy wrist radio. Over & out!


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