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Taylor Swift’s Song Triggers Memories for Girl with Amnesia

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WINSTON-SALEM, NC – Isn’t it funny how a song can bring back memories? Every time you hear the song, it takes you back. For one girl in North Carolina, a song didn’t just bring back one memory, it brought back ALL of them.

“I didn’t know my own mother,” Charli Robertson said. “I didn’t even know who anybody was.”

Charli has Cerebral Palsy. Back in 2012, she had seizures that were so strong, they knocked out her memory.

“It got to a point I was wondering was she ever going to come back,” Charli’s mother, Sheri Robertson said.

‘Til one day when her mom played the Taylor Swift song, “Mean.” Charli had a reaction. She turned toward the music and was singing the words.

So, what was it about the song, “Mean” that stirred her memory?

“I think it was the part ‘you can’t take me down,'” Charli said.

Now, Charli’s on a mission to thank Taylor Swift in person.

“I would love to spend possibly a day with her,” Charli said

Sounds like she’ll get that chance when her favorite singer performs in Greensboro, North Carolina this October.

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