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Simon Says: Ice Scream! Blue Bell Will be Just Fine

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DALLAS - It’s the separation no one wanted. A cold split-up that has many of you saying, “I miss my Blue Bell." The listeria recall has turned ice cream into “ice scream!"

I’m sure the people at Blue Bell are doing their best to make sure you come back when this situation calms down.

You think they’re worried?  They shouldn’t be because when it comes to recalls, so many of us have a brain freeze.

Published stories have referred to it as “recall fatigue.” About 2,400 products get recalled each year. I counted 25 in just the past few weeks alone.

I hope someone out there noticed the recall regarding “blue string” in the beef.

Admit it, how many times do you even check your kitchen to see if something is recalled?  Rutgers University looked into it and figured nearly 40% of you don’t check.

It feels like we get over recalls just like we get over stories we hear over and over again -- like teachers having sex with students or a terror attack in the Middle East.

The more things happen, the more we become a fatigued, brain frozen bunch that’s numb to things that matter.

So wake-up and smell the coffee, people! Unless, of course, it’s recalled.

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