Keller Students Speak Out on Alleged LGBT Promposal Shutdown

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KELLER, TX - Tis the season for Promposals, and we all know they can get pretty crazy. One kid in Washington thought it’d be smart to strap a fake bomb around his waist.

"I figured it was really funny and everyone else who was there thought it was good and funny,” Ibrahim Ahmad said.

Well, the principal didn’t explode with joy. And guess who’s been banned from prom? Yeah, that blew up in his face.

But the promposal that everyone in Texas is talking about is the one that never happened. Casey Akers, a Keller ISD student says she wasn’t allowed to carry out her promposal because the person she wanted to take is a girl.

"The girl's name that I was asking is Cookie,” Casey Akers said. “I was just gonna have little cookies, and I was gonna jump out and say out of all the cookies you're my favorite one."

She showed up at the school board meeting Thursday night to ask why she was told that was not appropriate.

"Equality is a basic concept in a complex society,” Akers said. “Everybody shares the same bones, organs and bloodstream. So, why is it when we put a label on a skeleton suddenly equality is unheard of and my rights are denied?"

Keller ISD says they don’t give permission for promposals on campus to any student, regardless of gender.

All over the country, schools are welcoming same-sex couples at prom.

"If we start getting rid of traditions just because of students who are LGBT start trying to participate, then we're not going to have any traditions left,” Keller ISD student Emily Hobart said.

Casey’s prom is May 16, and she plans to be there with Cookie.

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