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Humble Hubble: The Hubble Telescope Turns 25

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HOUSTON - The universe is smiling at us, and that makes us smile! The Hubble Telescope turns 25 today.

"Hubble is our eye in the sky, almost the world's eye on the sky, and Hubble is still providing new discoveries," says Jennifer Wiseman, a senior project scientist at NASA. And here's some food for thought: back in 1990, when NASA launched Hubble, it was just before the first web page was published.

Today, many of the most recognizable images of space...have been taken by hubble. From clouds of gas that look like animals to photos that look like your granite counter top.

It's observed galaxies of all shapes and sizes, and has taught us just how big the universe really is. "This glimpse tells us there are hundreds of billions of galaxies scattered throughout the universe. It's really mindblowing," says Wiseman

Compared to a billions-of-years-old universe, 25 years of Hubble is just a blink of an eye, but what a view that eye has seen.

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