Twins From ‘Dude Perfect’ Drop by NewsFix!

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DALLAS - The shots are unbelievable, the celebrations unbeatable, the name, unforgettable! Dude Perfect is a YouTube sensation with almost 600 million views. But for these five Texas homeboys, it all started in a backyard at College Station.

“We pieced [the video] together without any high hopes and put it up. And two mornings later, this guy wakes up to a call from Good Morning America and they wanted to show the video,” said Coby Cotton, one of the five dudes.

“Still don’t know how they got my phone number. Still trying to figure that one out,” said Cory, Coby’s twin brother.

Well, since then, Dude Perfect has gotten bigger on their stunts. Way bigger. And that’s their whole mentality.

“The slogan or the catchphrase we’ve tried to implement is that we hope to inspire other people to go big with what they love and to use that platform for a cause greater than themselves,” Cory said. “You know that may sound way more grown up than you would expect from guys that just throw basketballs, but we really hope God continues to allow us to use this platform and tell people what is really important!”

According to the twins, what you see is what you get when it comes to Dude Perfect.

“I think one of the things people like about the videos is they feel like they’re one of us. They feel like they’re one of these friends and they get to hang out with us,” said Cory. “And I really think that’s because what you see on camera is what you get with us.”

Just five dudes having fun and going big.

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