Kids Rule: Take Your Child to Work Day at Lockheed Martin

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GRAND PRAIRIE -  Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control in Grand Prairie had a few new recruits in the house Thursday for its annual "Take Your Child to Work Day."

It's the perfect time for kids to find out what on earth mom and dad do all day.

“When I got out of college I didn’t get a chance to get to see what work was like at the time. And so I love 'Take Your Child to Work Day' I can bring my daughters in to see what I do," Materials engineer Pete Ullman said. "They can see that there are people out there that love doing their job.”

And these scientists and engineers-in-training loved every minute of it.

“Rocketship!!!” exclaimed Olivia Strelec, showing the rocketship she colored.

“The robot thing where you drive it and bubbles come out of the back,” Jada Kinnon said of some of her favorite activities.

“Bottle rockets and we got to make other rockets and launch them in the sky,” Jamari Kinnon added.

There were infrared thermal imaging stations, contests, and projects.  There were even a few Earth Day activities for these guys.

“It’s nice to bring her in so she can see what things are like at dad’s work,” Justin Strelec mentioned.

“This is great.  He loves it,” Jose Colon said.

But it was more than just fun and games.

“The kids' faces just light up when they’re seeing something that takes five or six hours at home, and they’re seeing it in five minutes. Or when we do something and they go,'we didn’t understand that this was going to happen,' and they see it and they understand,” Ullman said.  “And they go away with respect for what it takes to do this type of work. I love this job that I do.”

These kids are pretty pumped.

“Really excited and happy,” Jada said.

“Really fun. Nice,” Jac added.

Now that sounds like a blast!

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