Bigger is Better in Texas with Nebraska Furniture Mart

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THE COLONY - They say everything is bigger in Texas. Well, the brand new Nebraska Furniture Mart in The Colony took that as a Lone Star challenge.

"This is the largest home furnishings store in the United States. 560,000 square feet of retail," store director Ed Lipsett said. "The place is so large you could get lost in here."

Touchscreen maps are all over the place to help with that, and they're even working on an app to keep you from getting lost.

But what if you and your kids get separated? Hey, they could end up in a different zip code.

"We have an elaborate closed-circuit television system here. We have a specific procedure established with our security team to help locate that child," explained Lipsett.

That's just one of the things the giant staff is working  to perfect during the current soft open of this ginormous store.

"To man a store this size, it takes about 650 salespeople on duty at any given moment," he said.

Not to mention the 1.3 million square foot distribution center.

Once they iron out the kinks, the store will have its grand opening. And when it does, sofas, rugs, tvs, blenders, kitchen tables, pool tables, mattresses, hardwood floors, treadmills, subway sandwiches and more will be for sale in one big place.

Wear your walking shoes, y'all. Oh, and take a compass!

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