What the Flakka? Dangerous New Drug Causing Crazy Behavior

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DALLAS – Okay, so we are all a little crazy in our way, right? But it’s a new synthetic drug that could take you from “cray-cray” to insane. It’s called “flakka” or gravel or the insanity drug.

Hey, whatever you call it, the end result is the same — getting stupid high and doing stupid things.

Flakka has the same ingredients as molly or bath salts. It causes your body temperature to rise to 105 degrees, sending you into hallucinations.

We showed you what a Florida man did while high on flakka. He tried to break the door down at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department after he says he was being chased by cops.

Uhh.. okay, crazy!


FL cops say Kenneth Crowder was high on flakka when he had sex with a tree, attacked officer

If you thought that was nuts, wait until you hear this. This week a man reportedly high on flakka was seen running around naked, you guessed it, also in Florida. He was arrested for attacking an officer after he had sex with a tree!

What the flakka?!

Although no cases have been reported in the Big D, doctors at the North Texas Poison Control Center say this drug could be popping up closer to home. At just $5 a dose, it’s easy for kids to get their fix.

But remember, tripping out isn’t worth a trip to the slammer.

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