Tallywackers: All-Male Version of Hooters Opening in Dallas May 30

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UPDATE – The wait is almost over, y’all. Tallywackers announced on its Facebook page that its Grand Opening is May 30th!  Make your reservations now.

DALLAS – Hooters, Twin Peaks, Bikini’s, Tallywackers. Wait, Tally what? Breastraunts look out, there’s a new spot coming to Dallas, and it caters to a different clientele.

According to their colorful Craigslist ad, Tallywackers is now hiring an all-male staff for its grand opening on May 30th.

We're not sure if they'll plan to serve up hot dogs and cocktails, but the whole idea has the town talking.

Besides the raunchy Facebook pics of shirtless guys in Calvin Klein undies, we did notice that Tallywackers will replace the old Lolitas Mexican Restaurant on Lemmon Avenue.

Yeah, that's smack dab in the middle of what locals call the "gayborhood."  Pays to know your customers, right?

So, if you've ever had an appetite for half-naked men in red aprons, order up!