Snakebitten: Florida teen kisses snake, snake bites him in the face

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WILMAUMA, FL--Hey, we love our pets.

We hug our dogs, we let our cats sleep with us and some of us can't resist giving our horse a little smooch.

But nothing says "cute and cuddly" like a Cottonmouth, right!

Austin Hatfield of Florida is an animal lover. Maybe he loves them a little too much.

He caught a Cottonmouth last week and decided to keep it as a pet.

He kissed it 12 times. On the 13th kiss, the snake bit him in the face.

Hatfield was in critical condition with his face swollen.

Sounds like he's gonna be okay, but his troubles might not be over yet.

He didn't have a permit to keep the snake, so he could face criminal charges and even jail time!

Animal experts have some good advice: don't handle wild animals.

And we have advice: don't kiss 'em. But we did we really have to tell you that?