Perfect Hangover Remedy: Trade the Water for the Needle?

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DALLAS-We've all been there: Went too hard on the weekend and woke up feeling horrible.

Yeah, the mighty hangover! It’s hard to get out of bed, but that nauseating feeling has you running to the porcelain throne.

You swear you'll never drink again -- that is, until next weekend.

So how do you cure your hangover?

"The only thing I think I've heard of is drink a raw egg," Allen Turner said.

Hey, even our friends at Jamba Juice have a drink for your drinking woes.

"We have something called wheat grass and a lot of our customers use it; don't take my word for it," Henry Cornejo of Jamba Juice said.

But if you're looking for a quick fix and don’t mind a needle, we've got you.

Docs in New York have a new remedy to cure what’s ailing you. It’s called Revive, by the IV Doc, and they're popping up all over the U.S.

Since you're body goes though serious dehydration after a night of heavy drinking, the fluids in the IV bag helps you feel well and refreshed.

But if you felt sick before, wait until you hear how much it'll cost you. This new hydration therapy runs $219 and up! What happened to chugging some water?!

So there you have it, the newest hangover cure. And if that doesn't work, you can always take two aspirins and call us in the morning.