Mark Cuban Offers Doctor’s Note to Mavs Fans

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DALLAS-Hey basketball fans, with the Mavs and Rockets playing in Dallas Friday, many of you might need an excuse to play hooky from work.

Well, don’t worry. Mark Cuban’s got you covered! He’s sent out this doctor’s excuse for all you brave souls willing to turn it into your boss.

Okay, so if you’re gonna lie about it, at least study the note.

You’ll have to be really sick to take the day; after all, you’re suffering from severe Mavs fever! Don’t worry — it’s pretty common this time of year.

But Dr. Cuban has a remedy: More Mavs playoff basketball!

We’re guessing if your boss is an MFFL, then you might actually get away with this one.

Think of all the fun you’ll have cheering, drinking, and catching all the action up close and personal!!!

The one thing we’re not looking forward to is the traffic. After all, the only traveling we wanna see is against the Rockets! Tip-off is at 6 p.m. on Friday.

Mark Cuban might not be a doctor, but on Friday, you can call him boss!