Lights Out: Preschoolers at The Goddard School Celebrate Earth Day

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SOUTHLAKE - Goddard Schools across the country went lights out for an hour on Earth Day, including the one in Southlake.

“Turn off the lights to save electricity. I thought it would be good for the environment,” student Caroline said.

Awww! These tiny tots are taking the power in their hands, literally.

“I thought about bats and owls, like them walking in the night,” student Delaney explained.  “And playing in the middle of the night like I was one time at my house.”

It’s a part of their Root for Earth program.

“It will help to create very environmentally responsible adults, so to start them off early, that’s our best opportunity of being able to do that,” owner Val Patel said.

And these preschoolers are helping mother Earth inside and out.

“Today we’re planting stuff. I’m going to plant my own very garden today, and I’m going to buy flowers and I’m going to bring them to my Mimi’s house and put them in a pot,” Delaney said.

“They’re having a blast with it.  We’re teaching them, not just the mathematics and those things, but the importance of being good, responsible children to the environment,” Patel said.

Hey! And they seem to be picking it up quick.

“One day I picked up litter in my backyard and threw it away.  I didn’t like it in my yard,” Caroline said.  “Whenever I see trash on the floor I want to pick it up, but my mother and father say 'no' because it’s germful, but I still want to do it anyway.”

These kids make being green look easy.