Study Links Azle Earthquakes to Oil & Gas Drilling

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AZLE, TX - Blame it on oil and gas operations. That's what SMU scientists say most likely caused dozens of earthquakes to rattle Azle and Reno beginning back in 2013.

"We found that the pressure changes associated with oil and gas, injection of brine, and removal of fluids generally create the largest pressure changes in the subsurface where we see these earthquakes," explained Matthew Hornbach, SMU Associate Professor of Geophysics.

Holy, frack! But the team admits there is slight uncertainty with this study.

"Can we say with a 100% certainty these are caused by oil and gas activities? No. But if you look at the breadth of data available, we would argue with the most obvious cause is oil and gas activities.”

Some folks in Azle definitely are certain.

"It really doesn't surprise me. The fracking is causing the earthquakes. It's causing the cracks in the ground," said Azle resident Christopher Haynes.

"They need to quit doing the drilling. That drilling's what's doing it," said Debbie Raub, who's lived in Azle almost her whole life.

While one resident would disagree.

"God's trying to warn us. Open those Bibles and read them," Diann Briscno said.

Well, after we read our Bibles, will we get a chance to look over SMU's study on Irving?

"We're too soon into the Irving study to be able to speculate on how strongly we'll be able to comment on a cause," Heather DeShon, SMU Associate Professor of Geophysics, said.

Well, with all this new data shaking things up, will Texas Lawmakers shake up their plans to stop cities from banning fracking?

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