Gigantic Turtle Pulls Off Great Escape in Dallas

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DALLAS - If you happened to spot a gigantic tortoise crossing the road Sunday, you weren't seeing things.


Over the weekend, Gordo went from lost to found after Dallas Animals Services sent out a Facebook alert asking if anyone was missing their 27-year-old pet. Ya know, the one who just recently came out of his shell?

facebook turtle

Well, Gordo’s now back home safe and sound, but, there's no word on how the sulcata tortoise broke free from his wooden fort. C`mon, the sluggish reptile couldn't have been very ninja-like.

Honestly, how do you lose a pet that weighs at least 100 pounds?

This slow poke actually became a fast hit on Facebook. People were bidding to be his new pet parents.


Meanwhile, back at Fort Gordo, the tort is getting "turnt" with his watermelon and all!

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