Iconic Pegasus to Fly High Atop Omni Dallas Hotel

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DALLAS, TX -- Anyone who's called Big D home for more than 20-years, knows it by sight.

Glorious, grand and gleaming bright red - the Pegasus was as iconic addition to the Dallas skyline.

In fact, for many years, the original Pegasus was perched high on top of  the Magnolia Oil Company. Now, a newly renovated Pegasus is set to soar among the city skyscrapers, once again.

"We are reinstalling the original Pegasus panels that were installed in 1934 that was on top of what was then the Magnolia Oil Company, which is today, the Magnolia Hotel," City of Dallas Public Arts Program Manager Kay Kallos explained.

"[The] original panels were taken down from the tops of the Magnolia Hotel in 1999 because they had deteriorated."

Kallos says those original panels sat in storage, untouched for several years. That's until the City of Dallas and the Omni Dallas Hotel decided the legendary landmark would be the perfect addition to the Omni.

On Saturday, crews carefully hoisted the winged-wonder into place.

Kallos says the renovated Pegasus will rotate just like the original did, so many years ago.