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Save the Date: Same-Sex Marriage Invitations Headed to SCOTUS

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - The guy you know as Mitchell Pritchett on Modern Family" is doing his part to push the law of the land into modern times. Jesse Tyler Ferguson has teamed up with an ad agency to launch the “Save The Date” campaign.

Ferguson founded the marriage equality advocacy group, "Tie The Knot." The group wants to send "Save the Date” notices to Supreme Court justices in advance of their decision on same-sex marriage that's expected in June.

The campaign includes an interactive card builder that will allow couples to type in info about their planned weddings. "Tie the Knot" then plans to print and deliver all of the invitations to the Justices right before they make their decision.

The ad gives a special shout out to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose favorite dessert is apparently frozen lime soufflé. Hey, it doesn't hurt to know the Justices' favorite snacks.

Same-sex couples are looking for any possible edge that could tip the court in their favor.

So Justices, get ready for a lot of mail and maybe even some dessert.

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