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7 Score & 10 Years Ago: Lincoln’s 150th Assassination Anniversary

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DALLAS-Hey, we all had to learn the Gettysburg Address as kids, right?

April 14th marks the 150th anniversary of the assassination of Lincoln after he was shot by John Wilkes Booth in Washington.

In his four years as president, Abraham Lincoln was able to preserve the Union, abolish slavery and gain the love of a nation.

But is our love for Lincoln so great that we're willing to do anything to get a piece of him?

Well, that was the case in February after a lock of Lincoln’s hair sold for $25,000 at Heritage Auction in Dallas.

"That noted collection recorded, had a record that this piece of hair being clipped from Lincoln’s head on his death bed," said Marsha Dixey, consignment director at Heritage Auction.

So you may be asking yourself, “Why is Lincoln memorabilia so collectible?”

Who wouldn't want a piece of history, especially if it came from a guy with nicknames like Honest Abe, The Liberator, and the Rail-Splitter!

Hey, wonder if they have any vampire hunter memorabilia!

“I don’t have anything that actually documents that, but I’ve got a suspicion that, that hat he wore, you know that stove top hat, that he did up his collar and went out occasionally," said Dixey.

Back in Washington on Wednesday, President Obama will declare a National Day of Remembrance for the man that 7 score and 10 years fought for equality for all.

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