Drake Denies Disgust During Madonna Surprise Kiss at Coachella

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INDIO, Calif. — Madonna has a thing for making out with fellow performers on stage.

First it was Britney and Christina, and now rapper Drake has been on the receiving end of a little lip action from Madge.



While the blondes had fun with it, Drake appeared less than enthused after Madonna’s prolonged smooch onstage at the Coachella music festival in California on Sunday.

“Oh, s***. What the f*** just happened?” he asked.

It all went down after Drake performed “Madonna,” a song named for the megastar off his new mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” according to Billboard. He welcomed Madonna onstage as a special guest to perform a few songs.

While wrapping up “Human Nature,” the Material Girl, 56, planted one on the seated Drake, 28, who began to flail his arms after a while in an apparent attempt to escape.

Drake Arms


His sour face after the encounter led many to speculate that he didn’t enjoy the kiss.

Drake Reaction

Drake Madonna

Of course, Drake and Madonna’s little makeout sesh got the web talking and meme-ing:

“So @Drake proves that kissing @Madonna is about as ghastly as I always imagined it would be,” wrote former CNN personality Piers Morgan.

“Grandma: give Nana some suga

Drake: no no noooooo!!!” wrote another Tweeter.

But Drake said, don’t get it twisted. This is something to write home about!