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Doggone Flu: Could the Dog Flu Spread to DFW?

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NORTH TEXAS-The body aches, fever and stuffy nose. We all know the flu is nothing to sneeze at, but what if the one with the flu is Fido?

That's the case in Chicago where canine influenza has reportedly left five dogs dead and 1,000 pups feeling sicker than a dog.

Vets say the symptoms are similar to what we experience: fever, cough, nasal discharge and lack of energy.

Okay, before you panic, humans can't catch the flu from their canine companions but pups can pass it to each other.

So now it's fleas and flu you have to worry about at the dog park.

That's why vets in Chicago are warning their patients to stay away from dog parks, groomers or doggy daycare.

Apparently, lots of pups in the Midwest are suffering from the sniffles and vets could be looking at an epidemic.

So are we in danger of the dog flu in North Texas?

"We do see dogs with coughs and nasal discharge but as far as I know we haven't had any cases of canine influenza," said Dr. Katherine Mueller at East Dallas Veterinary Clinic.

Well how do we make sure our four legged friends stay healthy?

"There's a two series vaccination for influenza A and those have to be given three weeks apart so itโ€™s not part of our core vaccine schedule but we can get it here," she said.

Vets say to keep an eye on your pooch for any symptoms. With any luck we won't see an outbreak in DFW.

But we think your dog will agree the best remedy for the flu is belly rubs!

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