#ImNoAngel: Lane Bryant Sizes Up Victoria’s Secret Ads

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DALLAS - When it comes to sexy things and angel wings, Victoria's Secret is center stage. But, it's also no secret that Vicky has pushed a couple of hot buttons in the past.

Remember their "Perfect Body Campaign?" Well, the people at plus-sized Lane Bryant are taking perfect aim at the controversial ad.

#ImNoAngel features Sports Illustrated's first plus-size swimsuit model Ashley Graham, along with other vivacious vixens who embrace their 34-plus inch waist sizes.

“For women who are naturally curvy, like we are, I think it's beautiful because it's naturally the way you're made,” Cheryl 'Salt' James said in a recent CNN interview.

But, Lane Bryant isn't the only one on a curvy girl revolution. France has just adopted laws cracking down on agencies whose models are way too thin.

Thousands of models say they suffer from health issues, like anorexia, just so they can rock high fashion.

And let's not get started on that #nowaist trend celebs are hooked on.

Hopefully, Lane Bryant's message goes beyond the TV screen. "Beauty is beyond size."