Getting Your ‘Bucks Worth: Starbucks Offers Free Tuition to Baristas

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SEATTLE, WA-Getting into college can come with some challenges; choosing what to study, what college to attend, not to mention the endless application forms!

Well, some students at Texas State University in San Marcos went from accepted to... what?!?!

Turns out, the university sent out acceptance brochures that read “Congratulations” to more than 450 students who had incomplete admission applications.

Inside students found orientation and dorm information.

The university says this mailing mishap happened after an outside mailing agency sent the brochures to the wrong people.

Yeah, like rejection wasn't hard enough!

Now, Texas State is clearing things up by sending out letters to clarify the mistake.

But look who is making their way to the classroom; your local barista!

Yeah, Starbucks brewed up plans to expand its tuition program, offering full tuition at Arizona State University's online program. Hey guess they don't call it Starbucks for nothing!

The coffee chain says 140,000 employees will be eligible to earn a bachelor's degree for free!

Hey -- with all that coffee, these brainy baristas won't need help pulling an all-nighter!