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Hefty Drive: Study Says Long Commutes Make You Fat

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MESQUITE, TX -- We all know traffic in North Texas can drive you crazy. Heck, it’s probably the worst part of your day.

You know, sitting in the bumper-to-bumper, never-ending-lane-of-tail-lights-headache we call rush hour? Yeah, how many meltdowns have you had behind the wheel?

Hey – we get it. But, did you know traffic could actually make you fat?

Slam the breaks! What?

You heard right: f-a-t; that’s according to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. Get this – the Journal did a study back in 2012 and found the farther Texans traveled every day, the more likely we are to gain weight.

Great – so now it’s not just the candy, it’s also our commute? Well, doesn’t that just bite?

What’s more, the study also found longer drives mean folks tend to be less active. Hmm..guess pounding the steering wheel doesn’t count as cardio?

Moving on: another study by calculated the 50-worst commutes in the country. Guess what, folks – McKinney and Mesquite landed on the list. They ranked 50th and 46th, respectively.

The study shows about eight-percent of folks in those cities spend 60-plus minutes on the road. Ugh – and you thought your drive home was bad.

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