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Back It Up: Denton to Ticket Front-In Parking in Denton Square

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DENTON - When you park your car, how do you do it?  Usually front-first, right?

Well, now, parking like that in one part of Denton could get you a ticket!

That's right, Denton's Hickory St. - from Locust to Railroad - is now a "back-in only" zone.  To use the spaces on this street, you need to pull past your spot and reverse into it.

Couldn't this be a problem?  Some people are pros at driving backward, but others need all the parking help they can get...

Hey, maybe rear-view cameras will be more common a few years from now.

In the meantime, supporters of these rules hope to add parking spots and make things safer by making it easier to pull out into traffic.

We'll have to wait and see whether these benefits will be worth the confusion and inconvenience. What we do know is this: if you're gonna park on Hickory Street, you'd better have a "back up" plan.

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