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Drone Wars: Drone Races Take Flight in Addison

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ADDISON, TX -- Quick! What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word drone? Swooping scenic shots from the sky? Enemy surveillance? FAA regulations? Or, maybe the Amazon idea that just hasn’t quite taken off.

Well, how about races? That’s right – drone races are taking flight in Addison this weekend.

"We’re about the history of aviation and there’s a future, and the future may be drones,” Doug Jeanes, Executive Director of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum said.

The city is hosting its first-ever Drone Wars, and fittingly, it’s at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

"You have two minutes to get through the course,” Jeanes explained. "It’s all aviation-type items that they’ll have to fly around and fly through.”

50-competitors are set to show off their areal skills in the bracket-style competition. Guess you can say the race highlights the friendlier skies for drones. Kinda seems like the cool crafts catch a lot of bad press.

Remember the drone that was busted hauling six-pounds of meth in Mexico? What about the one that crash landed on the prez’s front lawn?

But guess what folks -- these aren’t the drones you’re looking for.

"You always see it in the news, something going on. So, we had the idea let’s find a fun, safe environment where people can come out an compete.”

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