Peep Show: Americans to Spend Over $16 Billion on Easter

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DALLAS – Holy Weekend! Yeah, it’s Good Friday and Passover, which means a lot of folks are off work – except for the East Bunny, right?

Folks are gearing up for Easter egg hunts and prepping for a family feast. But whatever you’re doing for the holiday, you’re probably shelling out an egg-stravagant amount of money doing it.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average Joe will spend about $140 on Easter related purchases. That’s over $16 billion nationwide.

Like really, how many peeps are you people buying?

Well, NRF says folks are swiping their credit cards for Easter clothes, decorations, gifts, candy, food, flowers and anything with a bunny on it. Which kind of makes you think, are folks passing over the true meaning of Easter? You know, the guy on the cross? It wouldn’t be the first time.

Now we know not everyone celebrates Easter, but if you do, and you’re gonna spend something this weekend, make sure you spend a little time with your peeps.

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