Mama Duck’s Eggs Hatching in Plano Parking Lot

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PLANO - Good Friday was a good Friday for the mama duck who decided to park her nest smack dab in the middle of a Plano shopping center's parking lot. Her ducklings started hatching!

“They’re cute! I was kind of shocked. I didn’t think it’d be right here, having babies," Klaire Juarez and Emily and Katie Brizuela said.

NewsFix first brought you Mrs. Mallard's story Monday. Folks who work and shop in the area were a little concerned about Mrs. Mallard’s safety, but everyone seemed to be a-okay Friday.

“Her name is Millie,” said Vickie Polanco, owner of nearby Parcel Post.  “We’ve been watching this duck ever since the ice storm, and I came out this morning to check on her.  We saw a little bit of movement. Come to find out this afternoon, she’s already had, we think, three little hatchlings.”

“[It’s] My first seeing a duck outside a store with her little babies hatching,” Klaire smiled.

Yeah, you've got to wonder, why on earth would Millie choose a place like this to start her family?

“Mallards, they don’t always make the best choices,” said Urban Wildlife Biologist Brett Johnson. “In urban areas, they will sometimes select areas that aren't what you would typically expect as being nesting habitats.”

Especially since she’s got to waddle all these kids to the nearest pond. But this new mom is in for a special baby shower gift.

“Somebody’s going to help us get a fence up. We’re waiting for them all to hatch, and a group can come in to help us move them. People come from miles away to take a picture of her. I thank the community for their concern and excitement that’s been created by her being here.  We’ve got a lot of good people that live around here. Everybody’s been so kind.”

All these baby ducks should get cracking out their shells in about 24 to 48 hours.

We’ll see how this duck tale is going to pan out!

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