‘Killing Children’: Disturbing Videos Surface as Parents Protest

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ROANOKE - That tension just won't go away at Tidwell Middle School in Roanoke. Once again, parents were out protesting Friday and the message was clear, "this is not over!"

These parents say they won't stop until school officials take action. Bottom line, they don't want their kids in the same classroom as the 8th grader who posted a blood-soaked blog about how he was going to kill them.

"My kids are talking to me 'What do I do? What if this happens?' And the fact that I have to have those types of conversations with my children on how to protect themselves against harm in their own classroom from another student is very disheartening as a parent," Angela Dean said.

protesting parents1Another parent, Cindy Copeland, said her daughter is too afraid to go back to school and now the principal is threatening to turn her over to a truancy judge.

"She's given me an ultimatum and a deadline. I have until Monday to make a decision," Copeland explained. "I either pull my daughter out, withdraw her and home school her or I bring her back here to school.”

To make matters worse, parents are pointing to online videos posted by the boy which they call disturbing. The videos have added fuel to a fire that was already in full blaze.

Parents are promising the school board meeting on April 13th will be packed.

Until then, Tidwell says they will let parents remove their child from any direct classroom contact with the 8th grader. Looks like this hot button issue may not cool down until summer break.

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