Free College: Stanford University Offers Free Tuition to These Students

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STANFORD, CA-Getting into college is one of the happiest times of a teenager's life. For some teens, getting into Stanford University, the good news just keeps getting better.

Stanford has announced that they'll be expanding their financial aid program, offering free tuition if the family income is less than $125,000.

Yeah, we're talking a free ride all the way to graduation day!

But it gets better: For kids whose parents make less than $65,000 jointly, Stanford will wave tuition and room and board.

You might be thinking, 'Hey, sign me up,' but getting accepted into Stanford can be challenging.

According to, Stanford's acceptance rate is only 6%!

But hey, if you don't make the grade you could always try dealing with it like one teen rejected by Duke.

Siobhan O'Dell replied to her rejection letter by writing her own rejection letter.

Saying "I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me admission... therefore I will be attending Duke University's 2015 freshman class."

Good luck out there kids and enjoy the free ride, you won't get too many after college!

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