Earthquakes Won’t Stop Future Plans at Old Texas Stadium Site

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IRVING - It's the question of the day around DFW, “Did you feel it?”

“All of a sudden we felt the Earth start shaking and all of a sudden a big loud boom and everybody freaked out. But we're getting kind of used to it,” said Nancy Lee who felt Thursday's 3.3 magnitude earthquake.

Yeah, it’s becoming the new normal in this neck of the woods. And every time it feels like the epicenter of the quakes is near the old Texas Stadium site.

But according to SMU seismologists, the rockin' and rollin' is really happening just outside Irving city limits.

It's been five years since the stadium bit the dust, but folks who deal in commercial real estate say eventually this spot will get redeveloped.

Hey, won't investors be a little shaky about this property?

“It's still going to be a great location for business retail, commercial, etc,” Frank Packer-Reed with Simple House Solutions said.

His business partner Brandon Bachik agreed.

“This parking lot behind us and so forth will eventually be built up and I don't think it's something to really be scared about as long as you take the proper precautions," Bachik said.

So, is this the perfect spot for a high rise?  A bounce house?  A china shop?

“You can put a big nightclub there, then all of a sudden that little shaking is a part of the experience,” Packer-Reed told Newsfix.

Hey, sounds good to us. Club Earthquake. That would give a new definition to bump and grind, right?

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