Visually & Hearing Impaired Kids Enjoy Beeping Easter Egg Hunt

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DALLAS - Ready, set, go! This group is serious about Easter Eggs. Kids ran down Flagpole Hill Thursday and snagged dozens of eggs within minutes. But if you look or listen a little closer, you’ll notice something special about this Easter Egg Hunt.

“It makes us feel absolutely awesome. We just want laughter and happiness,” said Janet Brown with AT&T Dallas Council Pioneers. “We’re helping kids feel that they’re a part of something fun.”

The kids participating live with some type of visual or hearing impairments.

“She’s vision impaired, she was a preemie, and she has a feeding tube, and she can’t talk right now,” Jasmine Cook said of her 5-year-old, Destiny White.

But nothing seems to be stopping anyone from having an eggcellent time!

“She has a different way of communicating.  That was her way of telling us she was happy,” Cook explained as her daughter danced.

DISD and AT&T Pioneers teamed up for their Annual Beeping Easter Egg Hunt. Some of the eggs vibrate and others make a sound.

There were also tons of activities, a fire truck, and a petting zoo. Talk about eggstra fun!

“There’s a beeping sound inside the egg,” 10-year-old Jackie Campuzano said.  “I touched the tortoise, the snake, the hedgehog,  the rabbit, and the little chicks.  Candy, I like candy.”

The festivities are fun especially for kids like Hannah Ovalle.

“[I like] collecting eggs,” she smiled.

“She was in a regular class, and she was bullied a lot,” her aunt Yvette Frias said.  “Now [she’s part of a new class] there’s children that share her same characteristics.  She’s just so delighted to be with some people that are like her.”

Egg-ceptional work guys. No yolks about it!