All Shook Up: 3.3 Magnitude Quake Rattles North Texas

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IRVING – We thought it was “The Big One” as another earthquake rattled the NewsFix newsroom Thursday afternoon. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but folks actually started screaming. We won’t name any names. Ha.

While it was pretty strong for us North Texans, Californians would probably scoff at the 3.3 quake about 5:30 that had social media going wild with, “Did you feel that?!”

Heck yeah, we did!

This makes the third strongest quake to date, right behind a 3.6 and a 3.5 both on January 6.

That’s two quakes in one day. A smaller 2.7 earthquake shook things up while most of you were probably sleeping Thursday morning around 5 a.m.

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This year alone, there have been more than 30 quakes in North Texas, all centered not far from the old Texas Stadium.

While the USGS blames it on fracking, the oil and gas industry says, “not so fast, more research needs to be done.”

Clearly, any conclusions are still on shaky ground.