So This Happened: Cosmo Uses Black Models for Trends That Need to Die

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NEW YORK CITY - We've all heard the saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." But when it comes to Cosmo Magazine, well, it looks like they see things in black and white.

Yeah, check this out. In a recent article, Cosmo reveals its most gorgeous fashion trends and compares them to trends that need to die.

The problem? They were pretty monochromatic in their approach using white celebs and models to display what was gorgeous. And black celebs and models to show looks that deserved R.I.P.

Let's just say this didn't do over well with readers -- white, black and everybody in between.

Yep, folks are so enraged they're taking to social media with #BoycottCosmopolitan.

Turns out, this discriminating trend doesn't stop with Cosmo. According to a study done by The Fashion Spot, out of 611 major magazines published all over the world last year, only 119 people of color graced the cover.

Hey, the world is pretty diverse. You'd think folks would translate that into a fashion statement.

Despite the backlash, the trending list still lives on Cosmo's site.

Here's hoping this color kerfuffle teaches the world of published to say R.I.P. to discrimination.