Simon Says: People in Indiana Need to Come Out of the Closet

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DALLAS – So many of you have been talking religion lately — and it all starts in Indiana.

It’s okay to say, “I love you guys” in a movie like Hoosiers, but a new law says it’s kinda not okay to say it to gay men or women.

The Religious Freedom Law has many people thinking it would allow a business owner to discriminate  against gays because of religious beliefs.

Isn’t it amazing no one noticed this kind discrimination before it got this far?

It sounds like the “freedom” in this law meant you were free to keep people out.

Haven’t we seen this before? Germany had “freedom” in the 1930s and 40s. So did the Southern United States during the era of Jim Crow laws.

Yeah,  they even had “freedom” in South Africa for so many years.

They all failed, just like the Indiana  law is a failure. And now Indiana’s Governor is vowing to fix things.

But here’s the thing, you know what’s worse than discriminating out in the open? Doing it behind closed doors. That’s what anyone supporting this law could have done.

So, if you believe what the Religious Freedom law stands for, do it in the open.  Come out of the closet and let the world know who you are.

You’ll have the “freedom” to find out what it will mean for your business.