PHOTOS: Rangers Unveil New Ballpark Food

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ARLINGTON, TX — April means one thing for baseball fans: Opening Day! And what’s a day at the park without those ballpark eats?

So as the Rangers set to christen a new season, the chefs at the park unveiled this year’s menu, and we’re not talking peanuts and Cracker Jack.

Yeah, feast your eyes on this: a two-foot long taco! Can you say loco?

And in the tradition of player-inspired snacks, there’s the new “Holland Hot Tot’Chos," named after the Rangers lefty.

But stepping up to the plate this year: Bacon. And we mean on everything.

“We've kind of seen a resurgence of crazy bacon items where it's not just bacon that you're eating, it' going on stuff, it's wrapping around stuff,” said Casey Rapp, operations manager for Delaware North, the Rangers food provider.

Yeah, how about some Chicken Fried Bacon on a Stick?

And some Bacon Beer! How’s that for a new spin on suds?

Well, before fans can take a swing at these selections, they have to get through increased security.

This year the MLB is requiring metal detectors at every gate in the park, so it might take a bit longer to get to your seat.

“For opening, we're opening [the gates] an hour early. We ask fans to take that into consideration so they don't miss the on-field presentations,” said Rangers VP of Security Blake Miller. “We'll have our staff out there reminding people that we have these new metal detectors.”

So, it’s almost time to play ball! Let’s just hope the only thing that gives fans a sick stomach is eating too many “Hot Tot’chos” and not the scoreboard.