No Charges for Student Who Wrote About Killing Classmates

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ROANOKE - Should an 8th grader in Roanoke who wrote about murdering people and blood spewing be prosecuted?

Well, the Tarrant County DA’s Office says the boy's blog does contain many disturbing, graphic and offensive descriptions of violence but doesn't meet the legal requirements to charge the student with criminal or delinquent conduct.

That decision definitely isn't what parents who have been protesting outside the school wanted to hear. They say their kids are literally afraid to go to school.

“How are they supposed to process this, how are they supposed to handle this?" parent Melody Gary asked. "The adults are going to be the ones that they go to. So, if no action's being taken, then the students don't feel they're safe.”

That might be because their 14-year-old classmate wrote in vivid detail exactly how he was going to kill them with some students even called out by name.

Although more than 100 parents pulled their kids out of school when they found out about the blog, most are back in class, including the student at the center of this controversy.

Emergency petitions have been filed with the T.E.A. asking that they investigate and take action. Let's just hope this situation doesn't end with the bang this kid promised in his blog.

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