My Pet Rock: Inventor of Pet Rock Dies at 78

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JACKSONVILLE, OR- Just a few days before April Fools' Day, we lost the man who perhaps pulled the biggest joke on America.

Last week, Gary Dahl died at 78. He's the inventor of the Pet Rock. Yeah, you remember the pet you didn't need any special skills to have.

It came in a cute cardboard box with breathing holes, not to mention it was cheaper than a dog!

The Pet Rock really rocked his world, making Dahl an instant millionaire in 1975.

You might be thinking, 'Dang, we've come a long way since then.' But have we really?

Dahl wasn't the only one to separate us from our money.

We've been trying to replace man's best friend ever since the Pet Rock.

Case and point; Giga Pet, 97's Pet Rock.

When your parents didn't think you could handle the responsibility of a real pet, you got one of these.

That is, until you'd get that beeping sound (meaning you killed it), and had to restart it!

And who could forget our obsession with the Beanie Babies? You just had to have them all, with hopes that one day they'd be worth a lot of money.

Then digital met plush and FurReal Friends was born. You could now walk a stuffed dog or cat. Yeah. Nothing creepier than that.

By the looks of it, Dahl got us to hit rock bottom when it comes to frivolous spending!