Indiana Governor Signs ‘Fixed’ Religious Freedom Law

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INDIANAPOLIS – For a few days, it seemed like Indiana Republican legislators were walking around the Hoosier state capitol saying “who’s your daddy” to opponents of their new religious freedom law.

But a nationwide backlash forced the lawmakers to fix the statute, and now those Hoosier protesters are asking “who’s your daddy, now?”

The changes forbid all discrimination by anyone or any company doing business in the state, except for churches and other non-profit religious groups and leaders exempt from federal income taxes.

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Brian Bosma is the speaker of the Indiana House. “Over the last week, we have spent a great deal of the time with many of the people you see behind us . . . to let every Hoosier know that we value you: gay, straight, black, white, religious, non-religious. We value each and every Hoosier.”

Several Indiana cities include sexual orientation in their anti-discrimination ordinances.The fix to the state law will be the first time sexual orientation and gender identity will have statewide protection.

Businesses, though, do not have such protection.

Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana apparently was the first business to state publicly that it will not serve gays who want pizzas for a same-sex wedding.