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WATCH: Dad Uses Camaro to Pull Son’s Loose Tooth!

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TAMPA – Folks in Florida do the darndest things. Case in point, a Florida dad who came up with a high horsepower way to pull his son’s tooth — his Camaro!

Seriously. We wouldn’t have believed it either had we not seen the YouTube video for ourselves.

Dad, who goes by Rob Venomous on YouTube, tied a piece of string to his son’s tooth and the other end to his sports car.

Whatever happened to tying it to a doorknob?!

“Ready, James?” dad asks.

We’re all screaming, “Noooooooo” in the NewsFix newsroom. But the kid seems unfazed and simply says, “Yeah.”

Dad tells him to hold his head back, jumps into the car, revs the engine and takes off!

We’re cringing the entire time, by the way. But hey, it worked.

“It came out,” the boy screamed.

Now it’s the Tooth Fairy’s turn to steal dad’s high horsepower thunder.

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